My Buddy Chris Reifert and I Formed a Band Called Painted Doll

Hi. It’s Dave. Happy New Year and stuff. I hope your holiday season was electric. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that my buddy Chris Reifert from such legendary metal bands as Autopsy, Death, and Abscess and I formed a rock band over the past year called
Painted Doll and we are the best. We just finished recording our debut hot album, which will be out later this year in some form or another. I’m told the music is kind of like classic psych rock mixed with garage rock and whatever else but all I know is it was super fun to make and I love it. You can listen to a couple of our new hits below. And tell all the other kids too so we become big with the teens and such. Also, our buddy Wade Snook designed the logo above for us. So there. Here are the jams, bro.

Dave Hill

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