Dave Hill On Stage

You probably figured this out already, but I can't stop rocking. It's actually kind of nuts.

I am currently bringing the rock heat as the lead singer and guitar player for my unstoppable rock band Valley Lodge. You might know us because our song "Go" is the theme song to HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which is great for us. You can hear some of our hot rock by checking out our website or feel free to load up on all of our hits on iTunes. We are the best band basically and if you pull a groin or injure yourself in any way while listening to our jams, it is not my problem.

In addition to Valley Lodge, I have also been the guitar player for Diamondsnake, a hard rock band featuring international music person and close personal friend Moby, and the Walter Schreifels Band, which was fronted by my buddy Walter Schreifels from the great bands Quicksand, Gorilla Biscuits, and like nine other bands besides those. I was also the bass player in Sons of Elvis and Cobra Verde and the singer and guitar player in a band called Uptown Sinclair. So there.

Additionally, I compose music (which is fancier than just writing music) for film and television when the mood strikes, like in the films Dirty Deeds and Shoot First and Pray You Live (Because Luck Has Nothing to Do with It), for example.

And finally, I am the man behind the mighty Witch Taint, the greatest Black Metal band of all-time.

Feel free to track down any of the aforementioned jams on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever else. And if you want me to rip a sweet solo on your band's album, outside your girlfriend's bedroom window, or maybe to use as your ringtone on your phone or something, drop me a line. I'm down.

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