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My Debut Comedy Album "Let Me Turn You On" Is Available for Pre-Order Now! Can You Feel it?!
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Hi. It's Dave. From before. Anyway, I am very excited to announce that my debut comedy album Let Me Turn You On, out June 9 (coincidentally 6/9, which is really sexy) on aspecialthing records, is available for pre-order now, which is great for everybody. You can order the CD version here or the iTunes version here, priced to move at just ten bucks, about the price of four large coffees at one of those high-end coffee shops they got all over most towns these days. Anyway, if I do say so myself, it's a hot album and you should totally get it. The awesome Danny Hellman did the artwork, which is worth price of admission alone. Hope you dig it!

Dave Hill

Nice Things That Are Nice
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pup Hi. It's Dave again. I probably should have posted these sooner, but what the heck, I am going to do it now anyway. As I might have mentioned, I recently did a bunch of shows in Norway, London, and Portland (a combined total of 16 shows, which must be some sort of record, at least for me anyway) and they were super fun and nobody threw anything at my head. The London shows were all sold out even. Anyway, here are some really nice reviews of one of my shows in Portland and another in London. I know it's a bit pathetic of me to post lovely reviews of my shows here on my website, but isn't that what the Internet is for (I mean besides all the naked chicks and cat videos and stuff)? Love, Dave Hill
An Article About Me, Drinking, and Stuff
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Happy Monday. Recently, I sat down and drank stuff with Kenny Herzog from Punch to talk about all sorts of things, including scotch, what I've been up to lately, and whatnot. You can read it right here. I hope you enjoy it so much!

Still street,

Dave Hill
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