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Dave Hill and Mike Bocchetti on the Huffington Post's "Too Long; Didn't Listen" Podcast
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dh Podcasts- they are really catching on and I am no stranger to this wild new craze. As just one example, I wanted to tell you that my good buddy Mike Bocchetti and I recently sat down with the Huffington Post's Katla McGlynn for the latest episode of the Huffington Post's new Too Long; Didn't Listen podcast, where I talk about Ray J probably more than anyone has in a seriously long time. In short, this one pretty much has everything. You can listen to the whole thing right here. Happy Monday, Dave Hill
Episode 4 of Metal Grasshopper Is Here and Most People Can't Even Handle It!
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I am excited to announce that episode 4 of Metal Grasshopper, the incredible new web series starring me and Philip H. Anselmo went up today on Metal Injection, the popular metal-based website on the Internet. Watch it there or above at your leisure. Phil and I get in a big fight in this one and it's nuts. Also, I get another phone call from King Diamond, which is great for me.

Dave Hill

Our Dumb Friends Podcast!
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Recently, I went over to to bearded man Sean Donnelly's house and joined him and fellow bearded man Dan St. Germain for an episode of their Our Dumb Friends podcast. It was super fun and we talked about all sorts of stuff including but not limited to Juggalos, Bohemian Grove, and lots of other sweet stuff too. Also, Sean has a really cool dog. Anyway, you can and should listen to the whole thing right here.

Still street,
Dave Hill

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