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The King of Metal Reviews Black Metal Videos for Black Metal History Month on Metal Injection
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Hi, it's Dave again aka the King of Metal. As many of you are undoubtedly aware, we are in the middle of Black Metal History Month, at least according to Metal Injection anyway. As part of this, I, Dave Hill, the King of Metal, recently sat down in the comfort of my own beautiful (and totally metal) home to review a bunch of new black metal videos. You can and should watch it above (or here). You will learn so, so much. Still kvlt, Dave Hill
Exclaim!ís Top 10 Hilariously Good Comedy Moments of 2015 Features Dave Hill's "Let Me Turn You On"
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davehill Exclaim!, the popular comedy-based website, recently did a list of "Top 10 Hilariously Good Comedy Moments" for 2015 and my debut comedy album Let Me Turn You On is totally on it and I am super psyched. Among other things, they say nice things like "his is a strange, cool world to live in." You can read the whole thing right here. I'm thrilled to be in such good company. Oh, and if you feel like picking up a copy of the album for yourself or someone you would like to get with, you can get it on iTunes or on the AST Records site. I should have written this in third person, Dave Hill
Sex, Scandal & Broadway Musicals with NFL's Eddie George on Funny or Die!
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Hi. It's Dave again. Recently, I shot a video with football great Eddie George for Funny or Die, the popular website on the Internet. I hope you enjoy it so much. Watch it repeatedly above. Still street, Dave Hill

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11th Mar
High Mud Comedy Festival @ Mass Moca
North Adams, 8:00pm
12th Mar
High Mud Comedy Festival @ Mass Moca
North Adams, 8:00pm
24th Mar
Glasgow Comedy Festival @ Glasgow Comedy Festival
Glasgow, 8:00pm
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