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Me, Dave Hill, on Spit Take Comedy with George Flanagan
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Hi. Recently, I sat down with show business' George Flanagan for an episode of his web show Spit Take Comedy and had a super fun time. If you're on-the-go lifestyle precludes you from watching the whole episode, you can watch a short version of my segment above and then just get out there and start living. I hope you enjoy it so much. Love, Dave Hill
Boston Globe Interview + More! Can You Feel It?!
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As you probably couldn't help but notice, in the past couple weeks there has been a media blitz on me almost as big as that one about how that surfer kicked that shark, which I totally admit was nuts. Among the many nice articles and interviews with me, Dave Hill, are this one from the Boston Globe, this one from Paste Magazine, this one from Cleveland Scene Magazine, this one from DC's District Feed, and, um, okay, that might be it for now. Anyway, I figured I might as well put links to everything here on the off chance that you are as obsessed with me as I seem to be. Happy reading!

Dave Hill

I'm in Rhett Miller's Great New Music Video!
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Recently, I had the pleasure of totally being in the new music video from my friend Rhett Miller for his great new single "Most in the Summertime", which in turn is from his great new album The Traveler, which you can and should get right here. In the video, I play Rhett's idiot friend who tries to cheer him up by taking him to a strip club. It was a real stretch for me but I'd like to think I really nailed it. I hope you enjoy it so much. And go see Rhett live- he can sing and play like a mofo and his hair looks even better than mine from most angles. Thanks, Dave Hill
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