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Rough Trade Publishing's "Song a Day" Featuring Valley Lodge and Painted Doll
Here's something cool. Rough Trade Publishing, the company that handles the musical catalogs of my hot rock bands Valley Lodge and Painted Doll, are releasing a song a day from their artists for 90 days and you can get every song for just $20.17. Included in the mother lode is a new song by Valley Lodge called "Come Back to My Bed" and "Together Alone" by Painted Doll. All profits go to the Southern Poverty Law Center, who are doing some great work during these difficult times. Support a great cause and get some scorching hot jams in the process by clicking here right now. Rock, Dave Hill
Me, Dave Hill on BBC Radio 2's Arts Show with Jonathan Ross
jonathan ross Hi. It's me, Dave again, writing to you from sunny London. I hope this note finds you incredible. Anyway, yesterday I had the great pleasure of being a guest on the great Jonathan Ross' radio show on BBC2 radio here in the UK. Mel C. from the Spice Girls was on too. I saw her in the lobby but was too shy to walk up and say hi. Life, right? Anyway, I had a blast on the show and even got to do my wildly popular "Crime Blotter" segment from The Goddamn Dave Hill Show on the air with Jonathan. You can and should listen to the whole episode right here. Thanks, Dave Hill (from before)
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Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

With his signature matter-of-fact humor, comedian and musician Dave Hill explores his increasingly close relationship with his recently widowed father in a series of painfully funny essays you will want to read again and again by the fire, at the beach, in a truck stop men’s room, or just about anywhere. It’s your call, really....
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Witch Taint: The Black Metal Dialogues Live with Dave Hill and Phil Costello!
8:00pm @ Saint Vitus


Witch Taint: The Black Metal Dialogues Live with Dave Hill and Phil Costello! In 2004, comedian Dave Hill, a grown man living in New York City, began posing as Lance, a teenager living with his parents in Gary, Indiana, who also just so happened to be the lead singer and sole member of the most extreme, brutal, and Satanic black metal band of all-time, Witch Taint. As Lance, Dave began emailing with a Norwegian black metal record label owner in Oslo named Saiitham in hopes of getting signed to the label on the strength of one excruciatingly bad song called “Necrodreamraper.” Their lengthy e-mail conversation, now known among the faithful as the Black Metal Dialogues (, quickly became the stuff of legend and is considered by many to be the most infernal, extreme, and downright unholy electronic mail correspondence of all-time. In “Witch Taint: The Black Metal Dialogues Live!”, this infernal and 100% real email chain is brought life by comedians Dave Hill and Phil Costello, complete with corpse paint, ill-fitting black clothing, and- if all goes as planned- a live and mildly irritated goat, culminating in a live performance by the mighty Witch Taint that will probably scar you for life. This promises to be the most extreme and kvlt thing that has ever happened ever. If you think you can handle it, please come. However, in the event that you have a preexisting health condition that is aggravated by things that are evil, extreme, infernal, brutal, kvlt, unholy, and/or just sort of negative in general, you will most likely be sent screaming into the night until you eventually grow tired and collapse in a ditch somewhere. You have been warned. The evening is brought to you by BanterGirl Productions and Iron Maiden Red & Black beer, which is awesome though Iron Maiden couldn’t handle Witch Taint in a million, trillion years. If you miss this, you are basically insane and also not very metal at all and you can ask anyone.

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8th Mar
Witch Taint: The Black Metal Dialogues Live with Dave Hill and Phil Costello! @ Saint Vitus
18th Mar
Dave Hill with Greg Barris and Tierney Tough at Will's Pub! @ Will's Pub
20th Apr
Witch Taint: The Black Metal Dialogues Live with Dave Hill and Phil Costello! @ Wfmu's Monty Hall
Jersey City
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