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Dave Hill- Actor's Reel from Dave Hill Explosion on Vimeo.

As many of you who have been following my career from the very beginning are well aware, I am one of the greatest thespians of all-time. In keeping with that, I now have a new "acting reel" showcasing some of my most spine-tingling appearances in films and television programs, including such stuff as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Tick, Inside Amy Schumer, and then a bunch of stuff besides that stuff. Anyway, you can watch it above. I hope you enjoy it so much. And if someone could text this link to Scorsese or something that would be great. I thank you for your time. And scene, Dave Hill
The WFMU Fundraising Marathon Is On (Help Keep the GDDHS on the Air!)
As hinted at in the subject line, WFMU, the home of my global radio assault known as the Goddamn Dave Hill Show, has kicked off its annual fundraising marathon. The station, as you probably know, is an independent, free-form, not-for-profit radio station that relies entirely on listener donations to stay on the air and in your hearts. There are no government grants, corporate interests, or mysterious mustachioed svengalis with complicated hair keeping the whole thing afloat as part of some nefarious plan, which is why I now ask you, dear reader (and hopefully also a listener) to do what you can to support WFMU, the greatest station in the land, and the Goddamn Dave Hill Show, the show I do for free every week whether I am emotionally qualified or not. You can help you by donating here. There are all sorts of incredible gifts and prizes you can get depending on how much you are up for giving, including my gravity-defying DJ premium for this year, a set of three 3-inch embroidered patches designed by one of my all-time favorite artists, Danny Hellman, and inspired the show, including a patch for my prison gang the Ramen Gang and a patch for GDDHS show MVP caller and legend YngDave. These patches are pictured above and will look great on anything and everything and will probably get you laid or at least invited to brunch somewhere. So enough reading, more donating! Thank you for being a force of good in this world. I find you every attractive. Love, Dave Hill
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Dave Hill Doesnít Live Here Anymore

With his signature matter-of-fact humor, comedian and musician Dave Hill explores his increasingly close relationship with his recently widowed father in a series of painfully funny essays you will want to read again and again by the fire, at the beach, in a truck stop menís room, or just about anywhere. Itís your call, really....
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Next Gig
Painted Doll and Hot Lunch
8:30pm @ Hemlock Tavern
San Francisco


We are psyched to be playing with Hot Lunch In San Francisco! I think we're playing first but I need to check on that! Either way we will be rocking all night long!!!
26th Apr
Painted Doll and Hot Lunch @ Hemlock Tavern
San Francisco
27th Apr
Danava, Painted Doll, Pushy and DJ Dennis Dread @ Tonic Lounge
28th Apr
Painted Doll, Danava, Nasty Bits, and DJ Dennis Dread @ Highline
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