Tasteful Nudes. Available in Paperback September 3, 2013. Can You Dig It?

Attention World Citizens:

Hi. It’s me, Dave, again. I hope this note finds you incredible. Anyway, as hinted at in the subject line, Tasteful Nudes, my critically acclaimed and seriously-good-and-you-can-ask-anyone first book, published in hardcover last year by St. Martins Press, is now being made available to the public in the popular paperback format on September 3. As you can probably imagine, I am pretty excited about it as the paperback version is perfectly suited for both those of you with an on-the-go lifestyle and also those of you who like the option of being able to roll the book up into a cylindrical weapon of sorts that works great at Renaissance fairs, Civil War reenactments, the free clinic, or anywhere else it’s sometimes nice to have a bludgeoning instrument at the ready at a moment’s notice.

Excellent animator Danielle Velarde made a great trailer for the release of my paperback you can watch here or above. The choice is yours. It will fill you in on the rest. Also, there are sheep in it, which is great for me.

I encourage you to buy and/or order my book for you and your loved ones at your local independent book store or get it here in keeping with modern times. It is so good.

To celebrate the release of my paperback, I will be putting on several public displays of my reading ability, specifically on September 6 at Book Court in Brooklyn. This is going to be an extreme literary blowout where I read, answer important questions, and then sign books and butts. Also, my rock band Valley Lodge is going to play a rare, yet still pummeling stripped down set of the hits. You can get the full scoop here.

Additionally, I will be making the following appearances in North America to support this important moment in history:

Sept. 3- Marathon reading/signing from 1pm-7pm at Big Gay Ice Cream at 61 Grove Street in the West Village, NYC.

Sept. 3- Appearing at Housing Works Book Store in Manhattan with Brendan Jay Sullivan, Alan Light, and more at 7:30pm.

Sept. 5- R.J. Julia Book Store in Madison, Connecticut at 7pm

Sept. 14- Visible Voice Books in Cleveland, Ohio at 7pm

Come on out. I would love to see you. Your hair looks great and I’m sorry for what happened last time.

Dave Hill


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