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Send Me Your Tasteful Nudes (or, You Know, Just a Nice Picture)!


Hi.  It’s Dave, from before, again.  Sorry I haven’t updated here in a bit.  Things have been loco with the Tasteful Nudes assault on America, which- I am excited to report- has been going great, with people totally buying and reading my book and stuff.  Much to my delight and surprise too, folks have been sending/tweeting/Facebooking photos of themselves and/or their pets with my book.  There is quite a range and you can see all of them here on the new Tumblr page I created for all the lovely photos people have been sending me.  Speaking of which, I would be thrilled if you would send me a picture of yourself (or whoever, really) reading my book.  If you do, I will totally add it to the Tumblr page and tweet it and stuff like that.  Come on!  Do it for the children!  You can email them to chitchat@davehillonline.come now!  That would be so great.


Dave Hill

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