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Jane Scott: 1919-2011

A couple days ago, I got word that retired Cleveland music critic Jane Scott died. It was sad to hear, but- making it to 92- she had a nice long life. Jane became a rock critic at the age of 45 and kept on doing it until she was 83. It was always great to run into her at shows back in Cleveland. She had seen and interviewed pretty much every band ever, from the Beatles to Cannibal Corpse. I remember her telling me a great story at a party once about watching the first lunar landing with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Holy shit I was jealous. And Jane was one of the first journalists I ever did an interview with. There’s a great writeup about Jane in the New York Times here and in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, her old employer, here. You can try to be as cool as Jane, but you won’t be. She was a total badass.

Dave Hill

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