Comedy at the Met This Friday Night

Hi there. You like good fun, right? Okay, great. Anyway, this Friday night I am doing something groundbreaking and fun at the Metropolitan Museum of Art called “Fancy Meeting You Here,” which is part museum tour, part comedy show. Here’s how it works: show up on the steps of the Met at 6:30pm and we’ll round you up and take you inside for a tour led by me and fellow comedy types Carl Arnheiter (Inside Joke), Eric Drysdale (Colbert Report), and Tony Carnevale (National Lampoon). We’ll each take turns walking you around the museum and telling you about stuff. As Eric Drysdale said to me, “It’s the only comedy show in town that incorporates over $350 million in props.” And it will only cost you $10 (suggested group rate donation to the museum). When the whole thing is over, we’ll all grab a drink on the rooftop of the Met and you will remember how great it is to live in New York City.

Dave Hill

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