Hello and welcome to my popular website!  Yeah, I know- it's pretty incredible.  One minute you're just some regular guy walking down the street and maybe eating a sandwich or something and the next minute you have your very own home on the "net" and the world is full of light and magic and totally random people aren't threatening to kick your ass anymore.  At least that's how it happened with me.  Anyway, whether you're as obsessed with me as I am or you're simply looking to kill a little time while waiting for that mud mask of yours to dry, then you have just hit a street called Easy because- as mentioned earlier- this is my popular website and it's full of all the pants-pissing excitement we have come to expect from the Internet- including but not limited to information on me, Dave Hill, and other stuff I might somehow be involved with on some level!  If you are prone to seizures or have any other serious medical condition that is aggravated by exposure to things once thought impossible, I suggest you step away from your computer immediately because I totally do not need the hassle right now.  However, if you are feeling spry and reasonably hydrated, then brace yourself for Internet fun that is both fun and informative and other things.  Click on the buttons below and then be magically whisked away to another page that somehow deals with the thing that is mentioned on the button.  The future is now!

Together we can make a difference,
Dave Hill

If you are looking for the master hypnotist/illusionist of the same name, I am not him (though I do admit to having made a few things disappear in my time. Ha!).  Also, I am not the Dave Hill who played guitar in the '70's British arena rock group Slade (though I will be the first to admit that that would have been pretty awesome).

This is a picture of me pretending to be running from something in my apartment.  I guess you could say it's just one more example of my "anything goes" approach to life.  But seriously though, aren't we all running from something?