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Like most people in the world these days, I now have my very own podcast. The difference, however, is that mine is the best. Also, technically it's a radio show. It is called The Goddamn Dave Hill Show and you can listen to it every Monday night from 9pm-12am EST on WFMU, the greatest radio station of all-time, at 91.1 FM in New York City and New Jersey. You can also stream it live or whenever you want on WFMU's popular website. Oh, and you can subscribe and listen on iTunes too. On my radio show, I take phone calls from listeners at random (Call often!), play scorching hot jams, talk with fascinating in-studio guests, rip the occasional sweet guitar solo, and make no effort whatsoever to hide the fact that I'm eating food during the show. In short, I really think you're gonna love it.

And as long as we're talking podcasts, I am also the host of Dave Hillís Podcasting Incident and you can listen to it right here. The show used to be weekly, but since I've been busy with my radio show, it's been more sporadic. You should still listen though, dammit. Anyway, on my incredible podcast, I have delightful conversations with assorted people of note/whoever I can talk into it- fellow comedians, musicians, actors, athletes, authors, convicts, that sort of thing. Other stuff happens too. If you like podcasts and/or the Internet in general, you will really like this podcast because it is pretty much the greatest of all-time. I just checked. You can also listen to it on iTunes and also totally subscribe to it while youíre there. And you should. And, hey, why not join the Facebook page for it too right here. Okay, that about covers it for now. Until next time, dance like only a few people are watching and they have paid really good money to see it and also you really need the money.



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