As you can probably tell, this is a photo of me totally rocking out backstage in Osaka, Japan, the popular country that my rock band Valley Lodge recently rocked the f@#k out of. I know what you're thinking and yes- it is pretty effortless for me. Thanks for noticing. Also, I pulled this outfit together myself. Even with the jetlag I was able to make some incredible fashion decisions. Also, guitar buffs might like to know that the axe I wield in this photo is an Alpine White Gibson Les Paul. It was given to me to use on the tour by the wonderful people at Gibson guitars because they know if they didn't give it to me I would have totally freaked out or something. Also, it goes really well with the outfit. Between me and that guitar, it's a wonder the whole club didn't burn down that night. People are still talking about it. Check the blogs.

Letís just get one thing straight right now- I canít stop rocking. Like, for real. Itís actually kind of ridiculous.

I am currently bringing the rock action as the lead singer and guitar player for my unstoppable rock band Valley Lodge. You can hear some of the rock by checking out our website or our MySpace page and you should.

I also play guitar for the Walter Schreifels Band and have recently joined forces with my friends Moby, Phil Costello, and Tomato to form Diamondsnake, one of the greatest things that has ever happened. Additionally, I have rocked in the past as a member of the rocking rock bands Sons of Elvis, Uptown Sinclair, and Cobra Verde among others. Like I said - I canít stop rocking.

Additionally, I sometimes compose music (which is fancier than just writing music) for film and television, but- to be fair- not all that often. I do record music for a lot of my Internet videos though. I have gathered some of it under the name Conscience Point over there on MySpace. You can listen to some it right here. It has its moments.

And finally, I am the man behind the mighty Witch Taint, the greatest Black Metal band of all-time.

You can find hits by most of the above bands that I was mentioning earlier on iTunes, you know, if you want. No pressure. Or if youíd like to just start rocking out right now, you can get started with this song from Valley Lodge by clicking right here. Go ahead and download it while youíre at it. I mean, hey, why not? You seem nice. Also, here is an incredible video for our popular "All of My Loving" song. It pretty much has everything. Don't watch it at work though or you'll probably get fired or shitcanned or kicked to the curb or sent packing or something.

23rd Apr
Selected Shorts: Greenwich Village Stories @ Symphony Space
New York, 7:30pm